Super Sonic Energy Controller Level 1 New

Super Sonic Level 1 New

Now that's Sonic is  now become an energy Hedgehog. 

He can now use. 

The power of Baby  Greed,  power of energy  making him stronger.

In a  brutal attack his colors become darker and scarier. 

This is part of Baby greed.  

The power  of energy  is becoming dangerous the more stronger. 

Baby greed gets. 

The more stronger sonic gets. 

He needs more energy to unlock his true strength. 

By the power of baby greed strength. 

Whenever Baby greed evolves to the next level of super baby greed Level 2. 

Super Sonic turned into  level 1.

Super Sonic the energy controller. 

This form can only be a Awoken by baby greed power of energy. 

And his Baby Chaos Emeralds. 

That is in him born in him. 

The baby Chaos Emeralds in baby greed is making the original  Chaos Emeralds stronger. 

The originals are controlling the other one to make them stronger. 

The chaos emeralds are connecting to is energy Body. 

Making a light in his body like a laser connecting to his body. 

But whenever sonic  doesn't get close to him. 

There's a laser connecting to him its like the chaos emeralds are saying stay close to me. 

We need to be connected to each other. 

The original Chaos Emeralds are the controllers of the little ones In baby greed body. 

That the baby chaos emeralds are in him. 

And Sonic is now the controller of him.

Now Sonic  has to control his energy to make it stronger. 

He's going to reach level 6 he cannot transform to the next level this is last level. 

He just gots to make Super Baby Greed stronger. 

To go to the next level Sonic need to reach. 

Level 6 so he can awaken Super King Angel Sonic and Baby Greed Level 6. 

Is massacre a power that he becomes even cooler. 

And dangerous. Sonic shoes are becoming energy shoes.

That coming from baby greed shoes.

You don't want to race Sonic you don't stand a chance now. 

His shoes become blue energy shoes. 

The master of energy and controller. 

Of baby Greed Baby Chaos Emeralds.

And his hands are becoming energy twice is powerful then he used to be. 

(The Master of Energy, Sonic the Hedgehog)