Finally awoken super baby greed has awoken his true power straight line light.

Bandicam 2016-05-29 07-14-06-000

At this level, it is time to really the most powerful thing super baby greed level I.

At this stage, he has incredible attacks, incredible heavy blows incredible summoning powers.
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Super Baby Greed Level 1

Summoning powers are mostly from the bait baby chaos emeralds. He is not a summer, he is ascended of a summoner at this level 1

This power can be used in any world that relies on energy.

He can go be on a level, but not in stages only in the final bossed.

This power is only meant to wield supersonic.

When they finally gather him enough energy he will turn into super baby level 1

Super baby greed level I can go be on the level what only him.

Other supersonic that relies on a limited power can't.

But can go beyond the hyper.

This only hedgehog has the power to go be on a level they can go millions of levels or zillions.

This character cannot learn to build over bilion levels only through 10.

These two young to notice more power of it until he grows up, he will noticed that he will be on a super level.

Give  incredible power to sonic but he's too young to notice it.

But still hidden secrets can be given to sonic from a baby.

There are steps that he can go through rainbow or the legends.

Legends are mostly from super baby Greed level 1

There are two ways super baby greed level  can go through.

Legends or at level 10. 3 other powers that all relies on single.

Angel Baby Greed The Hedgehog Baby Cypress The Hedgehog  or Wolvering Fox Unknown to Baby Rainbow the hedgehog  <Incredible power)

Here is how the alignment works.

Super baby greed level 1 ------- Super Baby Greed Level 2------- Super Baby Greed level 3------

Angel Baby Greed--->>> Baby Cypress The Hedgehog or ----- Wolvering Fox Unknown to-----( Baby Rainbow the hedgehog ) <Incredible power) this road takes you to the super rainbow invincible power that sonic and baby greed will wheel the master fusion.

Or----- Angel Baby Greed Level 4------ Angel Baby Greed Level 5----

Super King Angel Sonic and Baby Greed Level 6------Super King Angel Sonic and Baby Greed Level 7------

----Super King Angel Sonic and Baby Greed Level 8-------Super Ultimate King Angel Sonic And Baby Greed Level 9----??????????????????????????????????????? Level10G< this road takes you to the legends of the Orc giant sonic fusion.

What ever wrote sonic takes he will go.

With this power that he has.

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