I had an idea to can make the game even more real linkable to were it starts.

Sonic Adventure DX- Directors Cut -Sonic's Story- - Part 1

Sonic Adventure DX- Directors Cut -Sonic's Story- - Part 1

1------------------ Story talk is based on where you start work begins.

There is partly a game mode in it and a story mode and you will.

Be able to play the game in cut of the Video You can watch the video.

And where it comes into a game part you will be playing.

What i write in a story is a part 2 the video remember that.

Thsi is '<<<<< this is a single quote

This is Said

Putting there two togethere (Said ') Will Start a character in a Video Talk in a Story.

It can also be in a game mode video.

But if you don't see this >Said '<

Then the character is't talking. Somebody else is making the instructions of the talk.

Or he might be instruction a stage to it.

Ok 2 -------------------------< this is a line to cut a parts so wherer it hits to cut parts. So

there are text in the video that is a story part

wherever it will be come to A story talk is representing a video like. Sonic directors dx

looking for this video for instance. What do you see. In the game video.

And that's how it's going to come out like.


But This Game is long in a text Video Storyline.

it will also have text in this game.

However the game plays out it is very long Video Story Game like Sonic DX

And Sonic had a long ways run on that. Game.

And this one is very long. What will be his new adventure for this game.

Now i move the story part to the blog. Because it's a very long story but it is connected to this game.

And it's truly the beginning of the game story video game SEGA remember to pick it up there one day if it good.

ok 1 Story Talk  1