in this park you got to destroy the Eggman scorpion by attacking, his body a few times once his body is on the ground you can attack his head because, if he was up you won’t be able to attack his head he will use his.  

Claws to block his head or smash you.

Across his clause with his claws You got to be careful with the tail if he get you with that he’ll probably knock you out or.

You will probably lose a lot of rings or, die its tail is very strong and it makes a loud noise, if it Hits the ground it will probably Make the floor shake it’ll be hard to move around when it does that.

It’ll probably cause you to lose a lot of rings and if you are in the middle of the Wave of the tail, hitting the ground you got to avoid the tail when it hits the ground don’t stand close to him or you will lose rings if he hits his tail to the ground.

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