Palm City Race Track37:39

Palm City Race Track

Race Track

Is where you can explore the racetrack.

Or race in a race track.


1 by play as baby greed he run fly in the race track.

2 by selecting baby greed race in car.


He Can't Not race in a car.

But he can race as a.

Roller Skates, Jetboards, Snowboards,

Skateboards, Baby Bicycle, Baby Training Wheel Tricycle, Bicycle.

And Special cars for baby greed Space Racer.

A Baby Cradle Racer Car,

Future Jets Shoes, And A Sonic Jet Ship.


These Are For Baby Greed


This Race can have a tage team,

3-Way Tag Team, 4-Way Tag Team,

8 racers Or 12 Racers on This track.

And get this no treble team like Sonic Forces.

You keep up or you lose.

This makes the game fun.

It was always supposed to be this way.

Amount of numbers to stay in first.

The amount of less numbers will lose.




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