the christmas is coming it seems a little baby's birthday is on its

way nightmare seems to be struck in his dreams.

Looks like it's time for me to enter his dreams

Night 2

I didn't realise Sonic will return back to the casino.

Well, I can say.

Welcome back to City Square.

My eyes is on this baby.

So much of adventures.

And so much power that you have given me

Thank you so much baby greed.

What would be our next adventures, let us find out in your dreams.

I feel that there's some dark zare x9  presence of a nightmare.

About to attack you again so let's see what they're up to.

More Soon


1 The Pegasus of the Magic Castle fantasy

Night 3

2 Miracle of the flying dragons Pegasus Horses fantasy

3 The rainbow Mountain of the magic world fantasy

4 Shooting star moonlight garden world fantasy

5 The ghost round of the secret doorway dark fantasy

6 The darkness cloud cover of a nightmare dark fantasy

7 The gate to baby greed dream to the Nightmare Zare

8 A waken lights power the infernal fire flame dragon Golden nights evolution and baby Greed Baby Cabelas Fusion of NIGHTS

9 Reala and Nightmare Zare Dream of Fear [[2]]

10 ?????????????????

NiGHTS Into Dreams.

more soon