The middle city fight

Is the middle field that close to the park around the field is the city what is open place where people walk to enjoy the. Park there in the place, Were they take the young one to play at the park Sonic and parasite are fighting around the wishing well In this game Sonic Can punch kick spin grab throw pickup boxes and throw boxes at the enemy rings and new twin rings Twin rings are very special for baby greed they increase his power the useless to Sonic but they can be used as a weapon to Throw at the enemy Now remember this is New Here’s, an idea

Sonic can use special attacks The more you level up the more skills you get and stronger Sonic can be as a fighter in the.

City Special Attacks are. sonic seismic toss are used against the enemy This is a good special effect Sonic will throw you up in the air jump really high grab, you and punching you to the ground as he throws you down that really hurts and it’s really effective it could knock you out if you have no rings you could lose a lot of rings or be destroyed howeve. If his level is stronger than you.  you lose the game Second Special Attacks

by Sega or / Sonic Team.

This a special attack Sonic was spin very fast to increase his speed and crush you spending to your stomach getting a.

Perfect shot at you anyway hit you very hard this could completely wipe you out or lose rings

Sonic and level up for every fight make you get stronger and faster it helps him for not losing rings because this is going to be a fast fight they fight you faster take the ring from you as a split second crushers is a very fast and fighting you in be hard to beat them and it’s good for online But this only works if your commander shorts online base they will take you to a training room a fighting matches we’re not that command a short base yet OK, I’m going to give you the real inside of the base there is a splendid idea  soon

————————————————————– more soon