Write the first paragraph of your article here describing your game briefly. It should mention details like what genre is is, what's exciting about the game, and how the game differs from the past installments. For extremely popular series (more than three unique game ideas based off of the series), a category page with a brief description of the series may be made. That's just a bonus note, though. You likely won't need that.


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Describe the general storyline. This section may have subheadings to describe parts of the story, like Intro, plot line and Ending(s).


You can have a list, but a description of the lessor known characters would be useful. This shouldn't be the only thing in a Game Idea.


The system that the game is for, as well as certain aspects of menus and updated abilities. Such as slowing down time in Sonic and the Secret Rings being an update to the Sonic series, which can be triggered with Down on the D-pad.



A list of enemies. Try to make this section somewhat interesting, otherwise no one may read it.


Bosses listed with a description.


Some games have minibosses, which are important to list also.


  • Also Known as Courts, Tracks, Worlds, Levels, Missions, Locations. All related info here. Descriptions are needed for the lessor known levels at least.


Secrets of the game. This section is optional.


Also optional, but some users like creating dialog for their articles.


Add categories on the series, genre and other relevant points.

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