The Galaxy Generat Ball

The Galaxy Generator Ball

With Galaxy Generator

1 You'll Be able to scan your character into the game.

2 If your character picture.

Is front left right back.

The Character Picture is Generator.

3 50% if the character has front and back pictures.

if can fail or succeed.

If it's an alignment or not it can possibly fail or succeed.


The Galaxy Generator

Can bring 2D Characters into

3D in to Sonic World.

Companies can design Autodesk, Blender, Sonic Team, SEGA, And Other of the Software.

The Galaxy Generator

Can Deport Characters In The Character Generator

In order to generate your 2D Characters Pictures

1 Play the pictures on the Mirror Card

2 You must accept sega terms

in order to get your character into sonic world.

A little bit of the terms.

In order to go to sonic world

3 when your picture is

generated you will have your

own character in sonic world.

Terms 1

your model is not completely yours.

Unless you pay for it.

To get it out of the game

2 the character will be licensed under you.

3 Sega will keep copies of your character in safe storage of their system.

4 Sega will not use your character for any purpose of their game.

Unless they get permission from you.

5 SEGA will not claim your character for any purpose or commercial use

7 Users that made their license will have to follow their license.

8 Do not make your character look the same.

Unless you name it twin

9 do not copy other people's drawings.

Unless you're the artist of it.

10 No Sexual characters are not allowed

11 more terms can be add bye sega


the generator is very good for characters to bring to sonic game.

Please be advised to um

do not steal other people's

drawings and use it for this game cuz they will be picked up from artist.

If you get caught you get banned.

From the Galaxy Generator

Unless you get there solely permission.

When you have your pictures on the mirror card.

It'll take your pictures into the energy ball.

and start creating your character as a mesh.

Once completed you can start decorating your character or transported to sonic world.

You can also pick moves and styles for the character.

The character you created cannot not play in baby greed zone home.

The character can only enter the character creation zone on GX


You can enter baby greed home in character creation.

Baby greed home.

if you already have a character that

the was created by you.

You get full power over it no license given by sega.

The license will be attached from the outside world.

When importing the character into sonic world you will govern you follow the game license.

1 Note you can use animation from sonics game.

2 You can use the basic custom styles of sonic team animations.

3 You can pay for Months/1year or year 3 like Autodesk.  To manually animation and save your animation in 50 GB storage

when you have purchased in the sega system.

4 Remember your character mash is automatically  bone rigged.

5 You can get free 6 slots manually animation storage

Only if you created your own of the outside world.

And 2 slots manually animation storage 

of your picture 2d creation 

That was created by Galaxy Generator to a 3d mesh.

You only get two slots free.

more Done*****