Baby Greed Drypers 1

Baby Greed Drypers

Baby Greed Drypers

This pamper you can find in the store in the palm tree island.

Or other Zones.

This baby pamperd that baby Greed is wearing.

is the softest pamper he's wearing with.

strong ointments to keep him soft, fresh and dry.


now how strong is the pamper.

He's wearing.

It's very strong.

It holds a very strong defense

With strong beatings and strong heavy damages to him.

How strong is an attack with this pamper.

One pamper butt whack can be critical damages.

Against character that uses.

Hp like baby greed.

Infinite characters like Sonic The Hedgehog Rings.

Can get damages losing rings.

It also comes with an effect.

It will slow down the body speed

Baby Greed Pamper.

Makes heavy blow.

It will be very vital to your damage speed.

How much speed will Sonic The Hedgehog lose.

50% tooken away.

If baby greed get you with his butt whack of is pamper.

You will lose.

How long do the effects last.

For every hit.

1 Minute

When can the character take affected from the hit.

When he's being hit too many times by the pamper.

And yes those hit will be very loud.

Be cautious of baby greed damages.

If he get you with them you're in his effects.

Baby greed will slow your speed down.

If you're not careful.

And yes be careful of his pamper in the game. Done