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"Looks like Christmas is coming again.

Somebody's birthday is on Its Way.

But I believe it's turned all around again.

It must've been the time reverse it looks like he's turned back into a One-year-old again. 

And he's kind a little grumpy today it seems he doesn't like to be in the stroller.

He tries to talk.

But he can't.

Every day I see him yelling and it gets on my nerves with that loud baby yell.

So anyway, it seems I have to start over again and it seems to be fun to do that.

I got a great surprise for when his birthday comes very soon.

And I think he knows it is birthday, but he doesn't seem all that happy as a baby's birthday.

But he's turned back into a baby you have to get used to It.

Anyway, you're about to be 2 years old all over again.

It Looks like Sonic is coming to my house to pick up little baby greed.

Sonic should know that Baby Greed birthday is coming all over again.

I have a feeling somebody is after him on his birthday all over again.

I hope this time sonic didn't forget his birthday well Sonics should know I'm taking baby greed for a little stroll into the park.

If he needs to find me you have to hunt me, maybe I can catch a date with him.

Oh great I hope Eggman Doesn't spoils our day I'm spending time with him.

Is having a little fun in the park with me.

It's hard being a guardian protecting this little guy that is very strange, I would have sworn I saw a Chaos Emerald somewhere.

I have a feeling I would be on another adventure and I would love to have fun with my little guy Baby Greed.

And what are the skulls potions I got to find them.

There's so much to do and I'm going to enjoy the shopping that's a good mall.

There's so much in fashion that I can wear huh, maybe there's a fashion for baby greed to.

What would you say little one.

And about that baby talent show.

That gives me a good idea.

Going to Enter you.

Little guy so we can win something, whatever the judges gives us, we're going to like it so let's have a little fun out there.

They also have a swimming pool there for you and me, They have a swimming pool tournaments And a Volleyball, baseball, basketball, field fishing place next to the beach Soccer, tennis and golf not just that a bowling ball.

As well There are a lot of tournaments out there in City Square is getting so big.

I wonder if get even More bigger now that will be cool. Why don't we go hunt down The Skull potions.

And the Chaos Emeralds.

And let us enjoy ourselves, let's go little baby!?❤(^_^)/"