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• 12/3/2016
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• 9/2/2017
SONIC AND BABY GREED Zone Of Time 3 Of Projects
It means the future that could happen.

To sonic world.

A terrible destruction a great challenge that will come to sonic world.


A terrible monster will destroy Sonic World.

In a splitsecond there is no creature.

That can defeat this monster Zare not even in sonic forces.

Yes Sonic Forces And including the comics.

Zare is the creature of evil.

Zare powerfull He can destroy jewels and All And the Chaos Emeralds.

Yes Zare will be Sonic number one fear of his life.

If he ever came to sonic game or episode

This will be the word i will say to Sonic Artist.

Be very afraid of the monster ZARE.

Sonic if you search your heart that fears you the most there.

Is something worse than that. ZARE.

The big boogie man will crush you.

Your feet's will back away when you see his face cuz he knows fear is coming.
from your face.

Sonic Artist. Zare is your worst nightmare.

And yes he did crush little tails in my beginning book.

But yes this game is way into the future that passes all of sonic game.

And NEW like sonic forces.

It doesn't matter what you make sonic artist this is the last one.

that's in the future beyond all your new games.

GX Can't never get outdated.

Because updateable.

And upgradeable Game.

And way

i think i am making some progress on the game.

Those pictures are actually real games on making.

But it takes me time to come back to put up another one.

You should know i do come back.^_^!?BYE
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